Nashville rocker Dirt Reynolds mixes the swag and blistering twang of Neil Young and The Replacements with the working-class love songs and sociopolitical satire of Bruce Springsteen and Randy Newman. It’s no surprise Dirt Reynolds frontman Chris Watts met guitarist Jason Paradise at a Drive-By Truckers tribute show. 

Watts, a Louisiana native, developed his blue-collar rocker alias Dirt Reynolds to help himself and others better understand the region he’s proud to call home- that patchwork of conflict, beauty, and nuance known as The American South. He uses universal themes and broke-but-not-broken characters to illustrate the truth and the lies the South tells to itself and others. 

Indie rockers Ryan Dishen (drums) and Drew Kohl (bass) joined Watts and Paradise in fall 2019 to bring Dirt Reynolds to life. 

Dirt Reynolds’ debut full-length album Scalawag was recoded at Greenland Studio in East Nashville in fall 2019 and tentatively set for release in summer 2020. 

Gazing at the Louisiana Super Dome floor through a hole in your leg can teach someone a thing or two about conflict, beauty, and nuance. From suffering a gunshot wound as a National Guardsman on Hurricane Katrina duty to cutting his teeth at the raucous honky-tonks of Music City’s Broadway Ave., Watts has seen his share of all three. 

Watts moved from New Orleans to Nashville in 2013, where he recorded and released his debut solo EP The God’s Own Truth in 2016. 

As a solo artist, he’s toured festivals and listening rooms across the country, including Austin's SXSW Music Festival, the Key West Songwriters Festival, AMA Americana Fest in Nashville, and Music City’s world-famous listening room Bluebird Café. 

Snoop Dogg, The Gin Blossoms, and Sammy Kershaw have all shared their stages with him, and his songs have appeared on acclaimed U.S. terrestrial radio stations, including WWOZ New Orleans and WSM Nashville, home of the Grand Ole Opry.