For Immediate Release - Nashville's Dirt Reynolds reconciles southern identity with debut album 'Scalawag', out June 26th. NASHVILLE, TN - The American South can be a fraught subject. Southerners have been so thoroughly stereotyped that it’s become difficult for outsiders and southerners alike to see the region for the patchwork of beauty and conflict it truly is. Read more...

Reader's top ten favorite albums released in June 2020 (#2)”

Americana Highways

Alt-country rocker Dirt Reynolds talks bar fights, rough encounters, and new LP 'Scalawag' (interview)”

Glide Magazine

His colorful past has been great fodder for his song craft, and given him a very mature and eloquent perspective that makes this outlaw/alt-country effort a very impressive starting point.”

Take Effect

Rollicking would be the word for a lot of it. Country is the word for all of it.”

Farce the Music

Watts and his band channel his wild life experiences into twangy alt-country that is also socially conscious during a time when we sure do need more Southerners speaking out against hate and bigotry.”

Glide Magazine

Watts comes out firing relentlessly”

Country Standard Time

This album is an earnest glimpse of life for those who are marginalized because they don’t fit the portrait of the American dream.”

Americana Highways

Dirt Reynolds Celebrates Southern Identity on Debut Album ‘Scalawag'”

American Songwriter

A new southern revolution”

Disciples of Sound

Nola County 7/5/2020 Chris Watts Dirt Reynolds”

Nola County